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Jane McIlroy - Fine Artist

Jane McIlroy

Jane McIlroy

Co Down - United Kingdom

Digital photography can be a simple recording of scenes and events, but it can also be the starting point of an adventure into a world of light and colour. They say that variety is the spice of life, so why should digital images be restricted to any particular style or subject, or confined to conventional techniques and methods?

When an image appears on the computer screen, it starts to develop a personality of its own, as if it wants to be portrayed in a certain way. Rather like painting a portrait, my task is to listen, be guided by the qualities of each individual image and try to bring out its full potential.

The same principles apply to any subject, whether a landscape, seascape, flower, impressive monument or detailed study. Each is unique in its own way and demands its own special treatment.

Welcome to my world of digital photography and image making!

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